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    Tzamal Medical
    brings cutting-edge medical equipment
    and treatments to one of the most advanced medical
    markets in the world.
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  • Pharmaceuticals

    Tzamal Bio-Pharma
    Provides Israel's hospitals and healthcare funds with high-quality medications for defined therapeutic fields including; cancer, infertility, metabolic diseases, aging diseases, orphan drugs for rare diseases, and more.
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  • Laboratory

    Tzamal D-Chem Labortories Ltd
    Our fields of activity are fine laboratory chemicals and biochemicals, reagents and molecular biology products for the academic community, in the R&D departments of Israel's large chemical companies and in the R&D laboratories of start-up companies.
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  • Innovative Technologies Implementation

    Tzamal Medical Group
    Tzamal assists medical innovators in all stages of development including start-up,expansion and exit.
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